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Calm your mind by practising yoga 

" Thousand-year-old discipline which helps to free the body of its tensions, to increase the concentration and to calm the mind, by associating physical postures / breathing techniques / meditation and deep relaxation. Adapted to all, it promotes flexibility and vitality,and a better self-knowledge, and a deep sense of serenity "

You want to discover Hatha-Yoga, we organise sessions on request for a period of 1 hour 15 minutes either in a group (from 3 to 6 people) for a price of 15€ / pers, or individually (35€) or duo (55€)*

Flexible and comfortable clothing is required, the equipment (carpets, pillows) is supplied.

Not possible for pregnant women or children under the age of 15

 Yoga Parents/Children:

Live an experience of joy without any desire for performance. Simply share the fullness of the present moment with your child.
Each session proposes to explore in a playful way yoga postures, breathing and concentration exercises (mandala, drawings...)
1 parent / 1 child of minimum 5 years  

15€ for an hour