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Eco-Friendly commitment

Eco-tourism and Green key Label

Respect for the environment is at the heart of our business. Anxious to minimize the impact of our activity on nature, we have chosen to go further and join the first international network of destinations in obtaining the environmental Green Key label in September 2010.

"Staying in a Green Key establishment is both the assurance of a protected environment at the place of residence, whilst encouraging environmentally friendly practices in the tourism sector." www.laclefverte.org


Daily ecological commitment

Waste Management

The recycling containers are available at the exit of the campsite. We ask that you sort the glass and packaging. This simple recycling helps to save about 30% of household waste. At the reception, we retrieve the paper (thank you for giving back the tourist brochures that you do not keep), used batteries and bottle tops. The campsite has selected recyclable products with the least possible waste.
There is also a composter near the toilet block for organic waste. Feel free to compost your peelings of fruits and vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds and coffee filters or tea bags ... The animals of the mini-farm will also be happy to eat leftovers and scraps of bread.

Energy Management

Energy production produces greenhouse gas emissions. In 2010, we equipped one of our toilet block with solar water heaters to supplement our gas system. For several years we have installed low energy light bulbs, timers in restrooms and darkness detectors with timers on outdoor lights. We have also installed solar lights all around the campsite. Our O'Hara mobile homes have good insulation and are constructed from recyclable materials. We ask that any energy using device is switched off when not in use.

Water Management

Everyone knows how much water is a precious resource. Please notify us in case of a leakage, do not run taps unnecessarily, do not let children play with water but explain to them why. For our part we manage the use of water and water pollution by the use of local plant species, horticultural sheeting, natural cleaning products made of clay, an eco-labeled floor cleaning product in the range 7 D'Arvor and to wash your clothes we put at your disposal Novaclean balls thereby limiting water pollution.
For the comfort of all: The speed limit in the campsite is 10km/h and vehicles must park in the carpark near reception after 23:00. We ask that you respect your neighbours. After 22:00, please keep noise to a minimum. We also ask that you keep your dogs on lead and pick up their mess. Special bags (clinets) are available at reception.

To go around

Several ways of transport are available :

  • Rent a bike at the reception
  • Car sharing (registration possible at reception)
  • Bus from the center of Sarzeau (2 € route Port-Navalo/Sarzeau/Vannes)

A satisfaction survey is available at the reception. Do not hesitate to spend a few minutes for filling the form. Your opinion matters.