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Poul Fétan Village


Poul-Fetan in the Morbihan is a real village from yesteryear, and is quite different from anywhere else! This is a village that exists in harmony with the natural world and is steeped in tradition. Explore the various areas of this village of thatched roofs that sits alongside the edge of the shaded valley of the River Blavet. There are farm buildings and fields of wheat, millet, buckwheat and hemp, and protected animal species (including the Breton black pied cow and sheep from the Breton moors). A 4- to 5-hour visit here with activities will have you re-living the daily life of the rural Breton worker in the last century: wool-spinning, food production, laundry work, looking after cows, and agricultural work using horses. Every afternoon there’s an activities programme, and if you’re feeling peckish, then make your way to the Tavarn Poul-Fetan for dishes made using local produce in a friendly atmosphere. Between March and December this place is a café-bookshop, an exhibition space and a concert space. Try some bread made the old-fashioned way that’s been cooked in a wood oven, and explore a potter’s workshop.